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  • Cherie Soria
  • Rozalind Gruben
  • Douglas Graham
  • Viktoras Kulvinskas
  • Shantree Kacera
  • Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera
  • Walter Urban
  • Juliano


  • Dan Ladermann
  • Rodrigo Crespo
  • Silvana Comino
  • & many others

Cherie Soria
Master Chef, Cherie Soria

Cherie Soria is founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute. She is an internationally known vegetarian chef, living foods instructor, lecturer, and food columnist. Cherie teaches raw food chefs and teachers from around the world the art of gourmet raw cuisine. Cherie is the author of  Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies. She is the co-producer of Raw World. For more information on Cherie and the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute see www.RawFoodChef.com.

Prof. Rozalind Gruben is an international presenter, writer and consultant of Healthful Living. She is Senior Course Director for exercise teacher training in the UK, Agenda Chairperson and Governor of Healthful Living International, President of EarthSave UK, and tutor on the Health Educator Program at Hippocrates Health Institute. She also runs educational retreats in  her home in West Sussex.

Dr. Doug Graham, author of "Nutrition and Athletic Performance" has been helping athletes reach their fullest potential for 35 years. He has worked with Olympians and professionals from all sports, the world around. Currently serving as President of Healthful Living International and as an advisor to Voice for a Viable Future. He is about to release his fifth book, "Maximum Athletic Potential". Take advantage of this unique opportunity to join Dr. Graham as he helps you find the answers to improve your health, lifestyle, athletic performance, energy, motivation, appearance, and zest for life.

Prof. Rozalind Gruben and Dr. Douglas Graham

Prof. Rozalind Gruben
and Dr. Douglas Graham

Viktoras Kulvinskas

Viktoras co-founded, with Dr. Ann Wigmore, the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston.Viktoras is the author of five books, and has contributed articles to many New Age journals, among them, "Vegetarian Voice", "Vegetarian Times", "Vegetarian World", "Health Street Journal", and "Alternatives". Besides his best seller Survival Into 21st Century, he has authored/co-authored The Lover's Diet, Sprout for the Love of Everybody, Love Your Body", New Age Directory, Life Extension Recipes and Program, Life in the 21st Century, and Don't Dine Without Enzymes. Viktoras travels extensively, and has given seminars for the World Symposium on Humanity in Canada and Australia. He has lectured for over 10,000 hours at such events as the New Earth Exposition, the Whole Earth Festival, the World Vegetarian Congress, the Cancer Victims and Friends Convention, the National Health Federation Convention, and others.

Walter 'Shantree' Kacera D.N., Ph.D. is an Ayurvedic Live-Food Nutritionist, Therapeutic & Shamanic Herbalist and Constitutional Iridologist with over 30 experience in the Natural Healing Arts. He is the founder and director of Spirit of the Earth, 'The Living Centre', founded in 1983. Since the 70's Walter has been exploring the effect of food on one's physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health. He offer certification courses in 'Living Nutrition', 'Ayurvedic Constitutional Medicine', 'Practical, Therapeutic & Shamanic Herbalism', 'European Iridology' & 'Conscious Living: The Sevenfold Path' with his wife Lorenna. Author of soon to be released, 'Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis'.

Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera is the founder of 'Living Movement' & co-director of 'The Living Centre'. In 1972 she received her certification in Reflexology, Massage & Attunement - Energy Healing. In 1989 she began her training as a psychosomatic movement, sound & breath therapist with training in Continuum, Sacred Dance, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Toning, Breath work & Meditation. With Walter she offers 'Living-Food Lifestyle' classes.  Lorenna has spent 34 years of her life on a conscious spiritual path. Her teachings are centered around 'Earth as Teacher/Healer'. She co-authored, with Walter, 'Conscious Living: The Sevenfold Path'.

Walter & Lorenna  blend their expertise to offer wholistic lifestyle courses and retreats in Canada, USA & Costa Rica.

Shantree & Lorenna

 Lorenna Bousquet-Kacera & Shantree Kocera

Dr. Walter Urban

Dr Urban is a research psychoanalyst and author of several books including Do You Have the Courage to Change and Integrative Therapy: Foundations of Holistic and Self-Healing. He conducts workshops and seminars internationally. He consults on Money Therapy, Lifestyle change, Individual, Couple & Family Therapy, Nutrition & Natural Weight Loss, Detoxification and Business.

Silvana Comino is a biotherapist trained in the US, Europe, and Costa Rica in such healing arts as Applied Kinesiology, Flower Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage and Nutritional Healing. Her sessions are a synthesis of occidental and oriental methods to create harmony and balance between our mind, body and soul, thereby improving the relationship to yourself, to others and to all life.

Cassandra Durham

Silvana Comino


Juliano is author of "RAW: The Uncook Book" and has a new restuarant Juliano's raw in Santa Monica, CA. He has appeared on TV shows, and in magazines and newspapers such as PEOPLE, USA today, SPIN magazine, S.F. Examiner and others. Juliano is famous for promoting the RAW food truth to the world. Stars such as Woody Harrelson, Demi Moore and Robin Williams have all dropped in on Juliano's (former) restaurant in San Francisco and now visit Juliano's raw.

Dan Ladermann is co-director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and co-director of RAW WORLD. Eight years ago Dan exited the high-tech world of Silicon Valley where he was an executive in several internet companies. Since that time he has dedicated his efforts to spreading the word about raw food and vibrant living.  He is president of the South Bay Living Food Community, one of the most active raw food communites in the world and is president of the Institute for Vibrant Living which produces on educational raw food events.

Dan Ladermann

Dan  Ladermann

Rodrigo Crespo
Rodrigo Crespo

Rodrigo Crespo, a resident of Costa Rica, is the author of "Comiendo Pura Vida" (Eating Pure Life) through which he shares a weath of information with Latin Americans about how their food choices effect thier health and the health of the planet. Rodrigo is a graduate of the Hippocrates Health Educator Program and has studied with Gabriel Cousins, Viktoras Kulvinskas, and master chef, Cherie Soria.

A former cattle rancher, Rodrigo is now devoted to restoring pasture lands to healthy ecologically sustanable agricultural systems.

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