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Three Exciting Packages to Choose From!
Prices do not include air transportation to/from Costa Rica.

Type of Accommodations

Raw World Adventure




12-day Adventure Tour & Raw World Festival, Feb. 7–18 (see 1 below)




Raw World Festival




9-day Raw World Festival, Feb. 10–18 (see 1 below)




Raw World Festival Only




7-day Raw World Festival only, Feb. 11–17 (see 2 below)




*Camping: Applies to Raw World festival site only. Campers who participate in the Adventure Tour or whose packages include full services (1) will stay in double-occupancy hotel rooms for the first (arrival) night, the last (departure) night, and the nights of the Adventure Tour. Bring your own tent. Camping rate applies for individuals utilizing off festival site lodging.
1= Includes full services: all accommodations, transfers, ground transportation, and most meals.
2 = Includes all accommodations and most meals but NOT transfers or ground transportation. You're on your own to get to the festival location.

Accommodation Options

Our festival hotel, Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, like many resort locations is primarily set up for couples, groups, family or friends sharing the same room and sharing queen or king sized beds. We have a variety of room configurations available including 7 Private Beach Bungalows, 1 Coco Joes Beach Bungalow, 3 Beach Rooms (2 queen beds), and 3 Beach Suites (3 queen beds), and 6 Jungalows (deluxe tent cabins with 2 twin beds).

To help clarify the variety of options available, rooms are grouped into 5 categories. Category 1 and 2 are always charged at the premium room rate. Category 3 and 4 rooms may be configured and charged at the premium or standard room rate depending upon the number of room occupants. Category 5 Jungalows are standard rate deluxe tent cabins, double occupancy with 2 twin beds.

Room category and rates depending on occupancy:

  • Category 1– Premium rooms, 1 bed (7 Private Beach Bungalows)
    • Premium rate – 2 people sharing 1 bed (2 people per room)
  • Category 2 – Premium rooms, 2 beds (Coco Joes Beach Bungalow )
    • Premium rate – 2 people sharing each bed (4 people per room)
  • Category 3 – Premium rooms, 2 beds (Beach Rooms - Jungle King first floor or Dome #5)
    • Premium rate – 1 person per bed (2 people per room)
    • Standard rate – 2 people sharing each bed (4 people per room)
  • Category 4 – Premium rooms, 3 beds (Beach Suites - Jungle King 2nd floor suites)
    • Premium rate – 1 person per bed (3 people per room)
    • Standard rate – 2 people sharing each bed (6 people per room)
  • Category 5 – Jungalows (deluxe tent cabins, 2 twin beds)
    • Standard rate – 1  person per bed (2 people per room)

Note: Single travelers have a number of options:

  • You can find a friend that you would enjoy sharing a queen or king bed with and register for either a standard or premium room.
  • If you desire a bed of your own, you can register at the standard rate for a Jungalow. Or you can register at the premium rate and be place in a premium Category 3 or Category 4 room, with one or two others of the same gender -- each with their own bed.
  • You can bring your own tent and camp.


  • Limited camping on the beach is available. There is a beach campground next to Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, but it is currently closed and we do not know at this time if it will be open for the 2007 Raw World.

Jungalows (permanent tent cabins):

The Jungalows combine the adventure and feel of the outdoors with the amenities of a room. These luxury tents are set in a grove of coconut and mango trees. They have wooden floors, comfortable beds, a small fridge, electricity, ceiling fan, space for your clothes and fresh ocean air. The shared bathrooms and hot water showers  are conveniently located nearby. Each Jungalow has two beds.

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