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Mission Statement

Q: Who goes to RAW WORLD?

A: RAW WORLD is a festival for raw food enthusiasts who enjoy (or wish to learn more about) raw food and an active, vibrant lifestyle. RAW WORLD offers opportunities to play on the beach, swim, sunbathe, relax, participate in group activities, join in music and dance, learn more about health, raw nutrition, and culinary arts, discover new forms of body work, natural skin care, and other healthy lifestyle explorations, meet new friends, network, and create community—in short have the time of your life!


Q: What is a raw food enthusiast?

A: A raw food enthusiast is someone who enjoys fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits and vegetables. Most raw food enthusiasts are also interested in a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. There are no requirements as to any specific amount of raw food (ie. 80%, 90% or 100%) one must eat in their daily life to be considered a raw food enthusiast. In fact, at RAW WORLD, we discourage people from asking, "What percent raw are you?"  That's because one of the RAW WORLD principles (see our Mission Statement) is to accept people exactly where they are on their journey.


Q: Is a Passport or VISA required?

A: Passport - Yes, a passport is now required for travel to Costa Rica.

Check with your airline or embassy for the lastest information.

Costa Rica Embassy in the USA  costarica-embassy.org.

For information on how to get a US-passport:
General information: http://travel.state.gov/passport_services.html
Agencies: http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/
Fees: http://travel.state.gov/newfees_text.html
Application form: http://www.travel.state.gov/download_applications.html
Expedite Service: http://travel.state.gov/passport_expedite_text.html.
National Passport Information Center: 1-900-225-5674 or 1-888-362-8668


Q:  Is RAW WORLD for everyone?

 A:  RAW WORLD offers a variety of activities, yet none are required—so you can do as much or as little as you desire. Anyone in relatively good health can participate. If you have any specific health problems please consult with us. We provide special meals for those who prefer diets without salt, garlic, onions, or spices upon request. Unfortunately, we can not accommodate wheelchairs. RAW WORLD headquarters (El Sano Banano) is a 10–minute walk along a beautiful sandy beach from the village of Montezuma. Our other hotel site, Luz de Mono is located on a hill, a few steps above the beach.


Q: If I stay in one of the beachfront locations, how will I transport my luggage to my room?

A: If you are staying at Ylang Ylang Beach Resort, your luggage will be transported for you.


Q: Can children attend RAW WORLD?

A: Children under the age of twelve are discouraged from attending the event. The ocean, while safe for attentive adults, may not be safe for small children.


Q: How do I get there?

A: You will begin your adventure by flying to San Jose, Costa Rica. Whether you participate in our prefestival Costa Rican Adventure Tour or not, your RAW WORLD admission includes transportation from the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica to our event location at Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula. After you arrive in Costa Rica, you will be met by a taxi driver bearing a sign with your name and transported to our luxury hotel location. Here you will join other RAW WORLD participants relaxing and rejuvenating following their flight. If you are going directly to the festival, you will be picked up by our bus the following morning and driven to Puntarenas. You will experience a beautiful ferry ride, then it's on to Montezuma for the festival of a lifetime! If you are planning to participate in our prefestival RAW WORLD Costa Rican Adventure Tour, you will arrive 2 days earlier.


Q: What is the prefestival RAW WORLD Costa Rican Adventure Tour?

A: Please visit the Packages/Rates page for information about our prefestival RAW WORLD Costa Rican Adventure Tour. This tour is designed specifically for our RAW WORLD guests and offers an opportunity to experience the diversity of the country, live volcanoes, rain forest and jungles, spectacular waterfalls, the largest butterfly observatory in the world, an amazing hummingbird garden, a natural hot springs water park and much, much more.


Q: Will raw food be available as part of the prefestival RAW WORLD Costa Rican Adventure Tour?

A: Most meals are covered during your festival package. Even when meals are not included, we have arranged for raw foods to be available for purchase.


Q: What is there to do at RAW WORLD?

A: Take a look at our Program page for a sample of activities available in a day. There is also an array of optional activities not listed, such as horseback riding, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, visiting forest reserves, shopping, and more.


Q: Will I see wildlife there?

A: Yes! You will see monkeys, iguanas, tropical birds, pizotes, red-tailed squirrels, agoutis, raccoons, colorful frogs, and other creatures.


Q: I have heard that Costa Rica has poisonous snakes. Is that true?

A:  While there are poisonous snakes in Costa Rica, it is unlikely that you will have an opportunity to see any. Snakes typically stay away from human environments.


Q: What will the weather be like during RAW WORLD?

A: The weather is one of the conditions of the festival that is beyond our powers to control, however February is the dry season in the Montezuma area and you can expect warm, wonderful days, cooling down at night.


Q: What is the ocean like?

A: Just right—sandy bottom and the perfect temperature for playing in the surf or swimming.


Q: I want to extend my time in Costa Rica, are there other tours I can do?

A: Please visit the Packages/Rates page for information about our prefestival RAW WORLD Costa Rican Adventure Tour.


Q: What about bugs?

A: We chose Montezuma as the site for RAW WORLD partially because it is one of  the drier, most  insect-free area of Costa Rica. At daybreak and sunset, there  may be a few  mosquitoes and no-see-ums, but in general Montezuma has very little problem with biting mosquitoes. Bring a pair of long pants if you are going to do any hikes in the preserves and forest areas and some natural repellent for dawn and dusk. 


Q: What should I take?

A: Pack light! The weather is warm, the sun is bright. Shorts and sarongs are the most formal thing you will need. We recommend you bring clothing that takes little space and dries quickly. You will feel a sense of freedom when you can carry your own bags!


Here is what we suggest you bring for travel in the warm beach climates of Costa Rica.

  • a lightweight backpack
  • shorts and/or sarongs
  • bathing suit
  • tank tops
  • your RAW WORLD t-shirt
  • a lightweight long-sleeve shirt
  • a pair of lightweight long pants
  • Teva-style sandals
  • trail runners or tennis shoes
  • aqua socks for beach walking (if you have them)
  • a couple pair of socks
  • quick-drying underwear
  • a quick-drying beach towel
  • a small flashlight or headlamp
  • natural insect repellent (although we experienced very few bugs)
  • sun block, a sun hat, sunglasses
  • biodegradable toiletries
  • all purpose/yoga mat
  • a cloth shopping bag
  • a small fruit knife or pocket knife (pack all sharp objects in your check-in luggage, not in your carryon)
  • lip balm
  • acoustical musical instruments and other performance materials
  • compact binoculars
  • a personal water bottle
  • extra batteries
  • some reclosable bags of various sizes
  • reading material
  • notebook, pen and pencil
  • camera and film
  • we encourage you to bring your own wooden plate, chopsticks, and a couple of cloth napkins for the sake of the environment.
  • If you have signed up for the outstanding Prefestival Adventure Tour where you will visit the mountains including the Arenal volcano, you should also bring a sweater or light jacket.

Q: What is the deposit and refund policy for Raw World registrations?

A: A $500 nonrefundable deposit is required to reserve your space. The balance is due by December 15, 2006.

Deposits are non-refundable.  If you have paid in full, you may cancel your reservation prior to December 15, 2006 and receive a refund of the full registration fee less the $500 non-refundable deposit. After that date any refund may be refused or reduced at the registrars option.

Q: Where can I find more information on the area and Costa Rica?

A: Check out our links page for more information about Costa Rica.


If you did not find the answer to your question please contact us at info@RawWorld.org.


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